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Digital Commodity Exchange (DCX) is the home of a range of agricultural commodity trading platforms. Secure and integrated online ecosystems to trade and deliver commodities globally. All transactions are fully traceable. From fertilizer to rice, DCX platforms give improved market access and price discovery. Fraud and risk are reduced via smart contract solutions.

About DCX

DCX started out as a conversation between a venture capitalist and a rice trader. How could technology be used to improve the way that agricultural commodities are priced, traded and delivered? Physical commodity markets, especially agricultural ones, have fallen behind in the race to adopt technology, while many other business sectors are now used to a fully integrated digital experience.

The stakes are high — global food security and the livelihood of farmers and their families — over a billion people worldwide — hang in the balance.

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Our Solutions

What our clients say

"The Fertilizer Exchange platform is a great technology hub for increasing our trading business and a smooth and reliable source for international trade."
Ahmed El Maadawy

Ahmed El Maadawy

Chairman & CEO, Wamfert

"We recently joined the Fertilizer Exchange platform. It is very interesting and gives you an idea about how the market is moving. We plan to use the platform more in 2022."

Emma Cócera Sánchez

Inside Sales, Antonio Tarazona

“We onboarded as soon as the RIce Exchange platform was live and within a few days we concluded our first deal with a new buyer with whom we connected via the platform. The contract was created within seconds of concluding the deal and our trusted inspection company, Cotecna, received an automated notification. The Rice Exchange platform is well-designed and saves time and money when executing a rice trade and we expect to conclude more deals in the coming days.”

Lakshya Agarwal

CEO, KLA Group, India

Why Choose DCX


Blockchain technology is perfectly suited to commodity trading, allowing transactions to be agreed and completed in a fast, cost efficient and secure way. Third parties, including shipping companies and inspectors, can only  access the data they need thus maintaining both buyer and seller privacy.

Smart Contracts

All DCX platforms employ smart contracts. These self-executing contracts contain the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller written into code. Smart contracts make transactions traceable, transparent and immutable.

Sustainability &
Food Security

DCX platforms simplify management and procurement of soft commodities. Buyers of sustainable food commodities can search for suppliers and view the relevant verification documents online. In times of poor harvest or natural disasters large-scale purchases can be rapidly agreed. DCX platforms are integrated with inspection companies that ensure goods are packed correctly, reducing waste and spoilage.