DCX Freight connects buyers and sellers to maritime transport providers and brokers and offers easy access to freight quotes, bookings and contracting in the  dry bulk and container segments.
DCX Freight will launch in 2022 as a standalone shipping solution.  Freight is the single largest cost component in the supply chain after the value of the commodity. DCX Freight offers competitive shipping options, enabling users to make informed decisions and capture freight opportunities via sophisticated analytical tools.

DCX Freight connects users to a large number of shipping freight providers and brokers, in both the bulk and containerized segments, enabling access to competitive quotes, the ability to compare freights and finalize contracts. Freight quote requests can be made with the click of a mouse.

DCX Freight integrates freight rates with bids/offers on the platforms, providing like-for-like comparisons of buy and sell opportunities, allowing users to make informed decisions on import prices and to lock in optimal export margins. Users can compare the cost effectiveness of freight options, whilst negotiating the deal for the commodity using the comparison tool that provides both netback and landed prices.

DCX Freight combines best shipping practice with advanced analytics, offering detailed real-time data on prices and freight rates as well as live demand and supply availability for any selected route.

DCX Freight is available to users of all DCX marketplaces. It will serve the logistics industry by connecting ship operators and brokers with commodity markets in real-time, reducing empty mileage and improving environmental footprints.