DCX Fertilizer is a digital platform that lets buyers, sellers and third parties trade fertilizers quickly and securely.
Fully integrated with service providers and built on blockchain, it is an online ecosystem for the international fertilizer trade.
DCX Fertilizer started operations in 2021. Fertilizer is a crucial input in agriculture and thus underpins global food security. Adding 192 kilos of nitrogen fertilizer per hectare produces approximately 9.3 tons of grain compared with 2.1 tons without fertilizer.

In 2019, the fertilizer market was valued at around US$200 billion. The combination of rising populations, growing demand for grains and the use of agrochemicals to increase yields is forecast to result in a compound annual growth rate of 2.2% in the global fertilizer market between 2019 and 2026. Global consumption of the three principal fertilizer nutrients is estimated to exceed 200 million tones this year.

The fertilizer market faces challenges including illiquidity, counterparty risk, margin erosion stemming from high freight and inspection costs and problems with paper documents including loss and human error.          

DCX Fertilizer enables buyers, sellers, brokers and third parties to trade  quickly and securely. It offers users price discovery, digital documentation and smart contracts that reduce risk, increase transparency and improve productivity.

What are the benefits of DCX Fertilizer?

• An active public marketplace with private negotiation and the ability to trade the full range of fertilizers.
• Real time quotes from integrated service providers.
• Document-matching tool reduces manipulation and fraud. All actions are stored in the immutable audit log

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