DCX Pulses offers an integrated and secure blockchain online ecosystem to help buyers and sellers efficiently trade and deliver pulses, including chickpeas, lentils, beans and more globally.
Building on the success of Rice and Fertilizer, DCX Pulses launched in 2022.  

The pulses market is forecast to continue to grow, driven by food security agendas and the shift away from meat proteins to a plant-based diet. Robust demand for plant-based meat is fuelling growth in pulses. Pulses are a sustainable superfood with low carbon and water footprints.

Global pulse consumption reached 92 million tons in 2020 posting 3% annual growth in the previous decade. The global trade in pulses grew from 13 million tons to 17 million tons over the same period. The OECD-FAO expects consumption to increase to 114 million tons by 2030 and the global trade is estimated to exceed 20 million tons by 2030.

The market is fragmented, plagued by inefficiencies and a lack of transparency. DCX Pulses will connect exporters, importers, traders and third parties, enabling them to trade physical pulses across the world efficiently and securely. Once a full marketplace has been created, market participants will enjoy price transparency and verifiable pricing data on a customizable dashboard.

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