DCX and Auravant announce partnership

April 24, 2023

DCX – a global operator of platforms for agri commodities based in Singapore and Auravant, a digital tool that helps farmers to improve yields and perform a more sustainable farming, have agreed to cooperate to give DCX clients access to Auravant’s platform.

DCX clients will get access to Auravant’s platform alongside DCX’s existing global and regional marketplaces for agricultural commodities. The Auravant solution will allow DCX users to track the emissions and soil footprint of the crops and other agricultural goods that they are producing or purchasing.  

DCX clients will then be able to feed the data generated into the dMRV solution that DCX is developing for food waste with partner Verdana. This will allow its users to access Verdana benchmarking and measurement tools as well as the potential to certify carbon credit claims through standards bodies, like CerCarbono, before putting the carbon credits up for sale. Through Verdana, DCX clients will also get access to a dedicated $800 million pool to fund carbon credit opportunities.

Stephen Edkins, Co-Founder and CEO of DCX said “Auravant’s solution and API-first architecture provides real-time and historical satellite tracking that can then be layered with our own geo-located user base to assess how crops are being grown and livestock being reared ,” he said. “Our infrastructure is powered by AWS and irrespective of which ERP system our customers use, we have a standard set of Public APIs that allow for integration, enhancing their visibility.”

Leandro Sabignoso, CEO of Auravant said, “at Auravant we pursue to make agricultural production more efficient by improving agronomic decision-making. We found that the way to do this was to empower farmers and advisors, through powerful and simple technologies, which allow them to make a more accurate treatment of their productions without requiring large investments or spending time training in complex technologies. With our platform, we help to reduce the environmental impact of agriculture, optimizing input use and maximizing productivity in every hectare of the field.

We are happy to have found in DCX a partner who shares our vision for the development of agribusiness, with a focus on sustainable production and who knows very well the challenges faced by local farmers.”.

More about DCX

DCX is a global provider of platforms for agri commodities and related products. The DCX Global Marketplace allows users from around the world to connect and transact initially in  4 agri commodity areas – Rice, Fertilizer, Grains and Pulses. Since its launch in 2020 the company has attracted over 1000 clients from 40+ countries around the world. The flexibility of the DCX platform allows the creation of regional and local marketplaces with smaller participants and local payments providers integrated.  In addition to offering Global and Local Marketplaces, the DCX 2.0 platform will allow clients to license the platform for use via  a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering promoting seamless digitalization and trusted reporting within their own groups and with clients and service providers.

More about Auravant

With more than 12 million hectares monitored in 120 countries and 85,000 users, Auravant is the platform that is revolutionizing digital agriculture. Simple and easy to use, Auravant is already being adopted by farmers, agricultural advisors and companies to obtain greater efficiency in every hectare of the field, in a sustainable way.

Learn more at auravant.com