DCX and Centaur Announce Partnership for Supply Chain Sustainability

June 7, 2023

Agriculture commodity traders offered unique capabilities for real-time cargo visibility, predictive waste prevention, carbon credits, and more.

DCX, a global operator of sustainable platforms for agri commodities based in Singapore, and Centaur, a provider of turnkey data services for sustainable supply chains with offices in California and Greece, have agreed to cooperate to provide DCX clients with access to Centaur's Internet-of-Crops® predictive solutions. These solutions aim to prevent crop spoilage and waste while enabling sustainable supply chain management.

DCX clients will now be offered access to the Centaur Internet-of-Crops®, in addition to DCX's existing global and regional marketplaces for agricultural commodities. Through API integration, the Centaur platform will empower DCX users with enhanced supply chain visibility, real-time monitoring of stored commodities, reduced spoilage risks, improved quality, streamlined operations, and increased efficiency and profitability.

Furthermore, DCX clients will be able to utilize the data generated by Centaur's offerings within the dMRV solution which DCX is developing for food waste in partnership with Verdana. This integration will provide users with access to Verdana's benchmarking and measurement tools, as well as the opportunity to register and certify carbon credit claims through Eco-consortium, Asia's first Digital Carbon Registry. DCX will assist buyers in monetizing these credits through its exchange. Additionally, through Verdana, DCX clients will gain access to a dedicated US$ 800 million pool to fund carbon credit opportunities.

Stephen Edkins, Co-Founder, and CEO of DCX, expressed, "Centaur's solution and API-first architecture provide real-time product condition tracking and utilize IoT automation to improve freight and administrative inefficiencies and drive business processes. Centaur goes beyond its competition by not only understanding cargo temperature but also predicting status and condition of commodities and SKUs in each trailer. Our infrastructure is powered by AWS, and regardless of our customers' chosen ERP system, we offer a standard set of Public APIs for seamless integration and enhanced visibility."

Dr. Sotiris Bantas, President & CEO of Centaur, also expressed his excitement about the collaboration with DCX, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with DCX, a visionary company at the forefront of digitally transforming the traditional commodity trading landscape. This partnership allows us to leverage Centaur's AI and predictive solutions for sustainable supply chains and integrate them seamlessly with DCX's advanced platform. Together, we are revolutionizing the industry by providing commodity traders with real-time supply chain visibility, predictive waste prevention, and the ability to explore carbon credit opportunities through a groundbreaking dMRV solution. By combining our expertise with that of like-minded innovators, we are empowering traders to embrace sustainability, drive operational efficiencies, and create a positive impact on both their bottom line and the environment."

More about DCX

DCX is a global provider of sustainable platforms for agri commodities and food  products.  The DCX Global Marketplace allows users from around the world to connect and transact initially in  4 agri commodity areas – Rice, Fertilizer, Grains and Pulses. Since its launch in 2020 the company has attracted over 1,000 clients from 45+ countries around the world. The flexibility of the DCX platform allows the creation of regional and local marketplaces with smaller participants and local payments providers integrated. In addition to offering Global and Local Marketplaces, the DCX 2.0 platform will allow clients to license the platform for use via a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering promoting seamless digitalization and trusted reporting within their own groups and with clients and service providers.

Learn more at dcx.group

More about Centaur Analytics, Inc.

Centaur is a pioneering provider of turnkey data services for sustainable supply chains. Harnessing the power of advanced sensors, explainable AI, and predictive modeling, Centaur revolutionizes the way commodities and foodstuffs are monitored, managed, and traded. By delivering innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, quality control, and sustainability, while preventing loss and waste, Centaur empowers growers, processors, and businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

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