DCX and Control Union Announce Service Partnership

February 10, 2022

Digital Commodity Group (DCX) and leading testing, inspection and certification company Control Union have agreed a service partnership. Control Union is now available to provide inspection services for trades agreed on DCX digital platforms for rice and fertilizer.

DCX was established in Singapore in 2020 to solve the challenges facing global commodity trading, including complex and inefficient exchanges which lack reliability and transparency. DCX is reducing the frictions that trouble commodity transactions. In 2020 it launched Rice Exchange, the world’s first digital global rice trading platform, deploying blockchain technology to realize efficiency with a high degree of reliability and transparency. Fertilizer Exchange started operations in 2021 and platforms for pulses and grains are under development.

“We are delighted to have agreed this partnership with Control Union,” says Stephen Edkins, CEO of DCX. “It will give DCX users greater choice when selecting an inspection company particularly in the organic and sustainable rice segments. We believe that integrating the top service providers onto our platforms is a key part of our success at DCX.”  

Stephan Moreels, Managing Director at Control Union, Thailand comments: “After nearly four years of close collaboration, I am very proud and excited to see Control Union strengthening this partnership and joining the DCX platforms, starting with rice and fertilizer.  I am personally convinced that the commodities trade will evolve in a way that such platforms will become the central point for business partners to work together. Not only do they increase credibility and transparency, but they offer opportunities to meet new stakeholders and engage in a more direct and efficient way, while mitigating risks and potential disputes as information and data cannot no longer be altered. Now that our onboarding is complete, we look forward to supporting our existing clients and offering our quality services to new partners around the world.”  

About DCX

DCX is the group holding company for a range of commodity trading platforms. It provides integrated and secure blockchain online ecosystems to trade and deliver physical commodities globally.


About Control Union

Control Union is an independent certification and inspection body, supporting businesses to define, measure, certify and achieve their sustainability goals. With expertise in certification, auditing, training and testing, Control Union can provide ‘off the shelf’ services and tailored sustainability solutions to the food, manufacturing, textiles, consumer products and forestry sectors. A local perspective combined with global experience and networks allows Control Union to provide a unique approach to working with brands, retailers, manufacturers and producers.

For more information please contact: rue.swabey@dcx.group or smoreels@controlunion.com