Locking in profit margins with freight bookings on DCX Fertilizer

Rodolpho Koch

Profit margins on fertilizer trading are slim so every cent counts. It’s crucial to account for all potential costs when assessing a trade: freight, shrinkage, insurance, inspection and finance. Freight represents the biggest cost in a fertilizer trade after the cost of product.

Making a mistake when budgeting freight costs can significantly impact profitability. Add potential claims for demurrage, shrinkage or quality and what might have been a small profit can turn into a large loss. The risk-reward equation needs careful management.

DCX Fertilizer offers users a freight quote portal system that gives direct real-time access to global brokerages with expertise ranging from coasters to panamaxes, containers to handymax, from China to India or Qatar to Brazil. Provisional freight quotes can be requested directly from the platform dashboard. 

It can be difficult to find brokers that provide competitive rates across several regions. Freight enquiries on DCX Fertilizer connect users with multiple brokers simultaneously for competitive freight quotes and advice. This saves time researching and qualifying shipbrokers and reduces the risk of losing a vessel booking.

DCX Fertilizer has ambitious plans for the future: real-time visibility of shipping choices in bulk or in containers relevant to your trade, with instant pricing of ocean freight and predictive tools to provide detailed demurrage estimates. Last but not least, tools for shipment execution to optimise final cost are also in the pipeline.